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Manual Waste Paper Stripper Machine/Waste paper clean tools/carton box stripper Carton Paper Stripper

Product Description

1. Item

Pneumatic Waste Stripper Paper Cutting

2 Model


3. Weight:

Machine net weight 5kg, packing gross weight 7kg

4. Certification

CE ISO9001

5. Warranty:

6 month

6. Size

51 x 25 x 23 cm

7. Application

Carboard, Paperboard, Cartonboard Cutting

8. Driving Type


9. Pneumatic Air Consumption


10. Grap Frenquency


11. Chain Claw Material

Japan Kana Chain

12. Chain Replacement


13. OEM Accepted


14. Production Capacity:

1000 pcs /month

15. Payment Term:


An end go manual waste stripping

The Waste Stripper provides a safe,financial|y sound and effective solution for stripping you stacks of cut sheets ,whether these are solid or corrugated board. The waste stripper is equipped with a multi-tooth chain driven by a compressed air motor with an output of 2500R.P.M .lts teeth do not cut the paper,they catch it.Your operator simply needs to hold thedevice, while the waste stripper takes care of the rest—a simle procedure,and incredibly quick.overall,it strips up to T0 times quicker than by hand! To simplify and reduce the operator's workload,the Waste stripper can nou be equipped wit our load ba|ancer,a support device which compensates for the weight of the waste stripper.[4kg).the machine operator will then only have to guide the device,without supporting its weight.

Integrated into your production

Cut stacks often only form one step in the production chain.They must then be conveyed to the quick folder-gluers.Designed to be integrated into your production prooess,the waste stripper makes this task much simpler by quickly stripping the waste,leaving you with clean stacks,ready to be processed by the folder-gluers.