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Double chamber vacuum packing machine for sale DZ600/2SB

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine chamber using a vacuum cover working in two alternates  vacuum chamber, so as to improve the work efficiency, when a vacuum chamber is working, another vacuum chamber can be put packed material, suitable for large-scale production enterprise.

vacuum sealer is controlled by the micro-computer, which its working time is more accurate, its anti-interference is stronger and performance is more stability.

DZQ-2SB fills the packaging bag with some kind of gas, such as nitrogen, after vacuuming the bag.



Vacuum chamber size

660x515x40 mm

Chamber material

Stainless steel

Max sealing length

600 mm

Max sealing width

10 mm

Sealing bar number


Sealing thickness


Vacuum pump power

2.25 kw

Pump capacity

 60 m3/h

Work voltage

380/50 v/hz

Machine dimension

1450x650x1080 mm

Package dimension

1550x750x1230 mm

Package weight

260 kg