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Stretch Wrapping Machine

HT600F-L airport luggage wrapping machine

Airport or hotel luggage wrapping machine is designed to wrap luggage, baggage, box and related items for security. Stretch film provides extra support while the luggage/baggage is being transport to protect them from damaged, and the plastic and closing label can not be removed and replaced by a thief. Additionally, wrapped luggage can easily be separated and identified. This machine have four wheels, can move easily.

Main features:

1. Powered pre-stretch mechanism inside (up to250 %), meaning material savings;

2. Usage of standard (normal) size of stretch-film material (500mm. in width, 23 microns in thickness, 1500 meters long. hard paper core inside 76.2 mm). Most of the machines of the competitors are using non-standard 700mm. in wide stretch film, which is not available on the market.

3. Manually control the vertical pole to make the baggage steady

4. Electronic film tension control adjustment on panel

5. Turntable speed can be control on the panel

6. Emergency stop can be set on the panel when the baggage wrapped.

7. All set ok,the machine can be auto wrap the baggage.

8. Time delay unit promise the luggage finish wrapped.

9. Machine is supplied with manual instructions .

Technical Parameter:



Size of the luggage to be wrapped

Max luggage size(L*W*H)


Load capacity



Two type:1. to check how many baggage pack total 2.to check how many baggage pack everyday

Machine specs

Turntable rotation speed

3-36 rpm adjustable

Turntable diameter


Turntable height


Carriage up/down speed


Control system

PLC control


220v/110v 1 Phase 50/60hz



Packing efficiency

50-70 pcs/hour

Machine size


Machine Weight


Stretch film roll size

Max external diameter(D)


Internal diameter(d)


Film roll height


Film thickness

17-35 µm


With screen: to check how to operate the machine; show advertisement

With scale: to check weight of the luggage

With foot switch