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Semi-automatic horizontal pneumatic filling machine for liquid and paste

Liquid or Soft drink Pneumatic filling machine

Application:soft drink or other liquids .

Filling Range:5-100ml,10-300ml,50-500ml,100-1000ml,500-2500ml,1000-5000ml

Equipment specification

1.The equipment is mainly used in food, daily chemical, pesticide, medicine and special industry.

2.This machine have two filling method: foot control and semi auto filling , two filling ways can be arbitrarily switched.

3.this machine adopts rotary valve for wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistant PTFE material, can not beat, collision when cleaning it.

4.Actual operation of removable barometer, easy to clean and repair the machine ,Easy for machine normal operate

5.This equipment is simple and reasonable, easy to operate and understand, high precision