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Battery Strapping Tool for Plastic Strap /Portable Electric Strapping Tool/Strapping Machine FOR PET PP 

Electric strapping tool is used for PET or PP strap strapping. Hand Portable Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Machine can combine the new and old straps directly and save the time of wearing and work load. They are suitable for the packing of the steel, timber, brick, fiber and so on. Widely used for paper industry, aluminum industry, steel industry, wood, wooden packaging,chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal industry. 
Advantage : a) Reduce packing cost more than 15% and improve the combining intensity about 2 times b) Improve packing without the metal buckle c) With the alarm devise for the low power and finishing;d) Works normally under a large number of dust, tiny fiber and other abominable environments with the exceptive dust-proof filter screen; e) With the light weight, easy to operate in single- hand.



1. Easy to use and light in body;
2., No fasteners, the use of friction hot-melt, the interface beautiful and firm;
3., High degree of automation, easy to understand;
4., Easy to move, suitable for all kinds of venues, size packages can be applied;
5., Airframe and component adopt high strength alloy material and engineering plastics, durable;
6., High safety performance;


D19A Battery powered plastic strapping tools

NAME D19A Battery powered plastic strapping tools Width 110mm
Function Widely used in paper,aluminum,texlie,steel,logistics,farm,chemical,metal industries and so on. Height 155mm
Spare parts Two batteries and commonly used tool

1.Lightweight body and easy to use.

2.Without fasteners,using friction hot melt,the interface is beautiful and strong.

3.High degree of automation,simple operation and easy to understand.

4.Easy to move,for a variety of venues,the various size of the package can be applied.

5.The body and components are made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering plastics,which is durable in use.

6.High safety performance.

7.When extemal power supply,switch on for the supply and relay off battery power supply.No extemal power supply by battery.

Model D19A D25 Export type
Color Black Blackish green
Apply straps size width 11-19mm 11-25mm
thickness 0.4-1.2mm 0.4-1.2mm
Power supply charge battery Two batteries per set(14.8v-40000mAh 59.2Wh)
charge time  Charge 90 minutes
charger 110v-240v,50-60hz
Age Can charge 2000 times
Maximum stretch force Stretch force:within 400-3500N,Maximum depends on quality of strap
Apply straps PET strap
Seal straps form Friction and welding
Maximum tension force  400-5000N
Weight 4.3KG
Machine specification