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Sealing Machine

Description of continuous sealing machine

Nitrogen plastic heat sealing machine/potato chips bag sealing machine/ice candy and food sealer made in china

1. High productivity, good sealing, reasonable structure, easy operation and so on.

2. The plastic sealing machine can print date clearly, and the printing letter can be easily changed according to customer's request.

3. This machine can be equipped with the production line, sealing length with no limit and applicable to various bags of different film.

4. Bag sealing machine is featured by automatically process of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust.

5. It can be is with inflating function, if you need can inflating inert gas into pouch to keep food fresh.

Technical parameters of continuous sealing machine


CNF -1080 continuous sealing machine


110/220V 50-60Hz 520W

Sealing width


Thickness sealing bag

0.03-0.80mm plastic bag

Sealing length

Any length

Sealing capacity

55 bags/min (100 mm)

Sealing speed


Temperature control

Thermocouple type precision temperature control

Temperature Range


Cooling Method

By air

Machine size

1025*450*(940+140 adjustable)mm

Printing word number

≤39 (font :4 type)


78 kg

Pictures of continuous sealing machine