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Hightop Machinery Group Distributes Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare Gifts to Employees

View:84 Time:2020-09-28

On the occasion of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to express the love of Hightop Group to every employee, thank all employees for their hard work, on the afternoon of September 27th, Shandong Hightop Machinery Group issued National Day and Mid-Autumn Day gifts, the leaders personally delivered the gifts carefully selected by the company to the hands of every employee. At the same time, they also sent the company's deep care for the employees and full Mid-Autumn Festival blessings.

For a long time, Hightop Machinery Group has attached great importance to the welfare of its employees. Every traditional festival such as Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival, it will issue considerate and affordable welfare items to employees. The gifts given to employees this year are corn oil, golden gong ham sausage, songhua egg, mid-autumn moon cakes and Changgou grapes. When everyone received a box of heavy gifts from the leader, they also deeply felt the strong care and warmth of the leader. Everyone liked the gifts from the company very much. The whole company was immersed in a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere.

The heavy gifts brought laughter to everyone, and they were also full of touch. Everyone said that they would definitely turn the care given by the group into motivation, do their own work with high enthusiasm, and create better for the company The sales performance of the company, with practical actions to make more contributions to the company's development!