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Shandong Hightop Machinery Group was invited to attend the Alibaba Jining area excellent business exchange conference

View:88 Time:2020-09-11

On September 9, the "Jining Excellent Business Exchange Conference" hosted by the Northern Region of Alibaba International Station was grandly held at the Seven Star Holiday Hotel in Jining. This conference is a major launch of the Jining regional core in the Northern Region of Alibaba International Station. The business face-to-face communication activities are designed to help Ali businesses develop new foreign trade transformation plans, deepen the hierarchical system of preferred businesses, and help regional core businesses to digitally go overseas. As the core business and excellent foreign trade enterprise in Jining area of Alibaba, Hightop Machinery Group was invited to attend this summit.

This meeting invited Mr. Li Tianyuan, the general manager of Shandong Bestry Global Trading Co., Ltd. and the first SKA creator in the northern region of Alibaba International Station, to share with you how he used the international station from 0 to 100 million, and monthly inquiries were 1,000+. Thinking and strategic analysis of realizing brand going overseas. 

The meeting also invited Ms. Mu Yan, the core business operation expert of the Northern Region Merchant Development Center of Alibaba International Station, to provide an in-depth analysis of the rights and application skills of tiered members of the International Station. After the epidemic, buyer demand has surged, and goods have become more homogeneous. How to build buyers' trust in sellers is a problem that Ali merchants need to solve. Measures such as formulating brand strategies and registering and applying for gold supplier can greatly enhance customers' trust in sellers. As a gold supplier of Alibaba International Station, Shandong Hightop Group has won the trust of many customers with its strong strength, high-quality products and considerate service based on the principle of customer first.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Che Sheng, head of Jining area of Alibaba International Station, announced the official launch of the "Jining Regional Brand Excellent Business Exclusive Cultivation Plan" for everyone. As a senior Alibaba educator expert, Mr. Che Sheng has served nearly a thousand merchants, more than 10 SKAs, and has rich experience in educating businesses. Under the epidemic situation, online exhibitions and live streaming have become important shipping channels for online merchants. Under the general trend of the industry and policies, Shandong Hightop Machinery Group follows the trend and selects excellent business and technical personnel for time live streaming . Carry out live broadcast of commodities, introduce and solve the sales and technical problems of a series of engineering vehicles such as mini excavators, small road rollers, loaders, and crawler dumpper trucks.

The four-hour meeting was rich and detailed and full of dry goods. The participating cross-border e-commerce companies not only learned about the latest policies of Ali International Station, but also learned the methods to solve the dilemma. I hope that more and more companies will participate in the gathering and sharing. Jining foreign trade is different because of us!